Solf, Österbotten

Post Coïtum Omne Animal Triste

white piece

Handmade Embroidery
Cotton on Natural Linen
H.120 x W.50 cm

black piece

Handmade Embroidery
Cotton on Natural Linen
H.120 x W.50 cm

spoken word

Two Channel

Music made in collaboration with
the sounds around Solf and Idan

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Through embroidery, writing, and sound, POST COΪTUM OMNE ANIMAL TRISTE examines the power structure between the human and the nonhuman. It suggests that only by reviving our mortality salience we can imagine alternative life philosophies, self-perceptions, and ways of being.
This project is deeply inspired by a mythical site in Slavic mythology called Irij (from Russian: Ирий)—a metaphysical place that maintains all the beginnings and all the ends of existence.

Spoken Word

I am standing in the middle of the field
I can hear the snow falling down
surrenders and softly touches the ground
there is nothing
and the nothing becomes everything
I hear my heart beating
I hear my tongue moving in my mouth
I hear my saliva secreted and swallowed deep inside
there is a universe outside of me
and there is a universe inside of me
both are endless
I remember you told me you are concerned
about the man destroying the planet earth 
I thought you are so arrogant
but now I know, you fear
the dark chaos of the nothingness
nature inspires ambivalence in you
you are born from, and you die in it
it is finitude and totality
both ally and enemy
have we talked about that already
you asked me
no, not yet
but I thought about that for weeks after we did
aristotle said that on planet earth
as on mount olympus
the man is the true creator of
I can not grasp measurements
so I confess my mortality
and conquered the meaninglessness
enormous strength going through my veins
there are no doubts
there are no desires
and finally, I don't miss anything
it might be happiness
I am wondering if I left the oven on
and while i was happ