Natasha Slavic Virgin, 100% Human Natural

Handmade Embroidery
Slavic Virgin and Non-Virgin Human Hair,
and Cotton Threads on Natural Linen
(H.300 x W.60 cm)

Наташа (from Russian: Natasha) is embroidered with Slavic Virgin and Non-Virgin hair, imported from a human hair storage in Zaporizhia, Ukraine. Virgin hair is a well-known term in the human hair industry; it refers to hair that has never been dyed and holds its most natural shade.
The Slavic Virgin human hair has become known as White Gold, as it holds a multi-billion dollar industry. The thin silky structure and the naturally light shade make it the most desirable for Western European clients, who make artificial hair integrations, such as extensions or weaves, from it. Those are utilized to integrate one's natural hair and alter the appearance by making it longer, thicker, layered, or simply a different style.
The Slavic Virgin hair is collected from humans from the former Soviet Union, mainly Russia, Ukraine, and Moldova. The costs are classified according to race—1kg of Slavic Virgin hair will range from 1700 to 2700 euros, whereas Uzbek Virgin hair from 800 to 1300 euros, and Asian Virgin hair from 500 to 900 euros.
The average salary of a Ukrainian woman is 250 euros a month. The hair on her head can be sold for almost a full year’s salary. This means that the European hair business thrives as long as Slavic women remain poor and willing to commodify their luscious locks.


Stretch between your fingers from the root to the top
Remember your feelings
Find the right care
Move in the right direction
Temporarily fill the void
Look carefully for balance
Additional heat must be used
Don’t overuse
Be careful
Work with what you have
Work with your hands
Put water in your hands
Put your hands up
Make squeezing movements
Collect the liquid in your hands
Don’t pick up the liquid
This must be done
Get it wet
Squeeze gently
Do not forget, this stage is additional and does not exclude all others
Wash again
Add a couple of drops
Apply liberally
Avoid products with high concentrations of glycerin
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