I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Mixed Media Installation
Tulle, Cotton Threads, Glitter, Artificial Hair
Stones, Acrylic Paint, Lycra, Plastic, Pearl Acrylic Paint
Oyster, Artificial Hair
Cotton Threads on Natural Linen

One Channel

This project is a part of ongoing research about the women warriors of the Scythians nomadic tribe. Based on archaeological records and bioarchaeological reports, the research shows that hunter-warrior horsewomen were a historical reality from the western Black Sea to northern China for more than 1000 years. While examining gender fluidity among the Scythians tribe, I’ve Got You Under My Skin suggests new ways of seeing the feminine.

in the prison
of my own skin
i live among gods
with human faces

condemned to passivity
i mistrust the given word

walk me through the rose garden
do you smell that
an odor of sadness
arises from the flesh

all the freedom
is in the other