Хоровод (Khorovod)

Tulle, Cotton Threads, Metal Stripes

H.290 x W.45 cm

We exist in a system of social measurements that constantly requires our minds and bodies to perform. As a result, there is a general feeling of anxiety and exhaustion. Time in such conditions thickens, becomes unbearable and unbreathable. It is pushed as a heavy burden, simultaneously operating as a mode of exchange.
Хоровод is a site-specific installation that questions our perception of time, and suggests a more abstract way of understanding and experiencing it.

The word Хоровод (from Ukrainian Khorovod or Horovod) reffering to an ancient East Slavic art form. A combination of a circle dance and chorus singing. The circle dance symbolises moving around the sun, it was a pagan rite that associated with the celebration of summer—bathing cycle of dances.